Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Can Tea Do For You?

Drinking tea throughout the day is going to invariably help you stay hydrated, however, it goes one step further than water on it's own, and offers you added health benefits.

Chamomile: Reduces Anxiety; Mild Sedative
Ginger: Aids digestion; reduces inflammation
Green Tea: Reduces Inflammation; alleviates depression; boosts metabolism
Black Tea: Great for Oral Health; Increases tolerance to stress
Oolong Tea: Great for Oral Health
Pu'Erh Tea: Great for weight loss

Almost any tea is going to have some added health benefits. Drink it several times a day for maximum results! Don't forget to mix in water throughout the day for complete balance of hydration!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stressful Morning? Why Not Try A Chamomile Instead of Coffee

Are you ever anxious in the morning? Running out the door, stressed about what the day has in store for you? Worried about a project at work? Worried about taking care of all of the things you are obligated to?

I'd wager that a lot of people who experience morning stress turn to coffee. This is in part due to the fix of caffeine they get, part due to the ritual, but what if instead of starting your day with a stimulant, you start with a cup of chamomile, a mild sedative.

If you've slept enough the night before, you should have a natural energy cycle working in your favor to help you get out the door. Chamomile is a non narcotic way of quelling anxiety and acute stress. If morning is a time when you experience these common symptoms, then why not try a cup of chamomile.

In all honesty, I'd recommend a cup of chamomile for anytime you're feeling like it's just too much!

Just a tip!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back To Tea

I've been really bad. I've lost track of the time and I've lost track of the tea.

I've been working really hard on my music career, and it's really freaking hard.
It's time to get back to the sanity!

I've been losing it without tea, if I'm being honest. I have increased anxiety, depression, and I feel generally less healthy. I'm going to see, if everything I thought about tea before, still is true, but reorganizing my thoughts, to prioritize tea drinking.

It's time to get back to tea.

I think a lesson I am starting to learn is not to spread yourself too thin, but also, not to spread yourself too thick. You want to fill your time with meaningful content and activities to keep yourself moving forward. Being to thin, you'll get whisked away, being to thick, and you'll stall.

You want to grow and make progress. Even your life out. That's what tea really helped me do. I just had a cup of Rooibos Tea and I plan to resume a 4 cup minimum. I'll keep you posted.


Friday, May 31, 2013

My Miracle Tea Winners

Drum roll please...

The winner of the month's supply of My Miracle Tea is...

Crystal Rodriguez!

The winners of the two 2 week supplies...

Rebecca Moeller

Tahina Quezada

Thank you to everyone for entering!

I'll be getting in touch with the winners and if you didn't win, make sure to get a 7 day trial of My Miracle Tea from their website!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Good Combo for Anxiety

Traditional Medicinals Chamomile w/ Lavender - 2 bags
Valerian capsules - take 2

I really love the way the Chamomile w/ Lavender tastes. It's got a strong flavor (I like to use 2 bags!) and it's very soothing right away. It's great for calming all your senses and lavender and chamomile are both well known for their anxiety fighting properties.

The Valerian Capsules are great, too! They're really helpful when you can't sleep at night, and when you can't focus during the day! Just like the Chamomile w/ Lavender tea, Valerian Capsules relieve anxiety and calm the senses.

This is a good way to stifle anxiety. I would know! I've been using it and it's really working!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Finally Starting My Miracle Tea Detox

Thanks to the amazing Carolyn Allen for supplying me with a whole bunch of My Miracle Tea to giveaway!

Not only do I get to give it away... I get to enjoy the immense health benefits of a My Miracle Tea detox. 2 cups a day is all it takes!

Leave your email here to enter the giveaway!

1 lucky winner will win a 1 month supply, while two others will win 2 week supplies. All lucky winners indeed!

My first cup of My Miracle Tea is delicious. It needs no sweetener in my opinion. It's got the soothing chamomile and soothing malvo leaf. I'm noticing the sort of "flush" that comes with a good detox and I can't wait to feel absolutely renewed! It's a good thing!

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